Another city official is thrown under Curry’s bus. Sam Mousa you have to know it’s coming (draft)

Here is the readers digest.

Joe Peppers head of the kids hope alliance felt pressured by two of Curry’s top lieutenants, to buy votes, err give micro grants of 10k without going through the normal procurement process.

Now that the story has broke, Peppers is under investigation and has been placed on leave. Welcome to Jacksonville.

From News4Jax,

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office is now looking at the cellphone of the man who has led the city’s primary agency to help children for the past 16 months.
Joe Peppers, the CEO of Jacksonville’s Kids Hope Alliance, was placed on paid leave Wednesday while the city’s inspector general investigates. The nature of that investigation has not been made public.
Um, so the guy that was intimidated to do something he knew was wrong, on behalf of the family, to avoid biting the hand that feeds him, is being investigated????
What the beep?!? Come on man!
Where is the investigation into Sam Mousa who now has two squirley strikes against him, this and when he and Tim Baker while Mousa was a city employee attempted to extort nearly a half million from the district?
Where is the investigation into what Curry knew and when about that? 
Where is the investigation into Curry putting undue influence on his lackey in the OGC Jason Gabriel?
Is the IG beholden to Curry as well?
We look more like Chicago in the sixties and seventies than the bold new city of the south.

Jason Fischer learned in Lenny Curry’s world you are useful until you aren’t. (draft)

I don’t think there is anybody that Lenny Curry wouldn’t throw under the bus if he thought it would benefit him. First it was the city’s schools and children, and now Jason Fischer has tread marks. If I was Sam Mousa I would be getting worried.

Jason Fischer introduced the universally panned J-1 bill that wanted to strip voters of the right to vote for the school board and instead make them appointed by the mayor. It is inconceivable that he did so without input from the Mayor, inconceivable.

Curry, I believe looking for cover from one of the scandals currently rocking city hall and seeing how unpopular the proposal was, promptly threw Fischer under the nearest bus.

From Florida Politics,

  In football terms, it would be a quarterback option.

With Jacksonville currently debating a proposed local bill for a mayoral-appointed School Board, Mayor Lenny Curry on Tuesday called for something else.
Keep the School Board elected, Curry said.
Curry ally and state Rep. Jason Fischer proposed a measure last week to bring the School Board under the purview of the Mayor’s Office.
However, Curry denied any input on the bill, and he let Fischer know on Tuesday that he saw it differently.
While Curry recognizes that Fischer “started a conversation about accountability in the Executive Branch,” the Mayor believes voters should ultimately decide.
Now in the same article Curry did call for electing the superintendent, something he didn’t when a white man was super and school bard chair, hmm could we elect the city council president too perhaps from an at large member?  Two also terrible ideas but there can be know doubt the loud ka-dump, ka-dump, ka-dump you just heard was Fisher getting rolled over by a buses three sets of wheels.
Mousa, Sam, get in front of this once one domino falls, more inevitably do. You might be thinking he would never do that to you, well buddy, that’s what the city’s children thought as well.

Curry proposing 2.25 million more for the Landing black hole, nothing for the city’s children (draft)

Maybe Lenny Curry should have had a plan for the Landing before he had the city pay 18 million dollars to buy it, another million to demolish it and now he wants another  2.25 million to study what to do with the property? Um maybe put Sam Mousa on it he is making six figures now that he has retired. If Curry wouldn’t have spent so much time fighting against the city’s schools and children we might be in a better spot.

From the Jax Daily Record,

 Mayor Lenny Curry is asking the City Council to approve $2.25 million in initial funding for redevelopment of The Jacksonville Landing as part of his proposed 2019-20 Capital Improvement Plan.

City Chief Administrative Officer Brian Hughes said Thursday the allocation will start a 2 to 2½-year redevelopment process.

“If we can do it faster, we will. But it’s sort of an acknowledgment that about a two-year plan is what we’ll see executed,” Hughes said.

Um 2.25 million more? Curry is the same guy that opposed paying for the special referendum despite the fact the city was not being asked to pay for it.

Also two and half years? Good luck on that look at coastline drive and liberty street which is years behind schedule and millions over budget.

Everything the mayor does reveals him fighting against the city’s children and schools had nothing to do with whats right for the city and had everything to do with whats right for his donors.

Curry was elected with 14 percent of the vote because sadly in Jacksonville, Republicans vote against their self interests and democrats don’t vote. Despite that I bet there is enough in both groups to discuss a recall of the mayor. The city may not be able to endure much more of his leadership. 

Councilman Randy DeFoor says the city council have been the grownups in the room. Um, lets take a look at the things they have said and done.

In the Times Union Randy DeFoor said the city council have been the grownups in the room in the ongoing dispute about the sales tax referendum. I think that’s laughable and after you read about the things the city council has said and done you definitely will too.

From the Times Union,

In past public meetings of the City Council, council members have leveled criticism at the School Board while passing up chances to ask questions directly to school leaders who watched tight-lipped in the audience.

This happened at multiple city council meetings where they don’t take public comments to the end. That doesn’t sound very adult does it, having lots of questions but when people are available not asking them.

Speaking of questions city council chair Scott Wilson published a Facebook screed where he complained about questions not being answered.

This despite the fact mos t if not all of their questions have been answered over and over again.

Rory Diamond called the school board chair a liar.

Brenda Priestly Jackson implied Jake Goldbold had age related dementia when he called out the city council for what they are doing.

Lenny Curry called several respected lawyers liberals, I guess that is a bad word in his circles and said the city attorney shouldn’t follow the law and not one city council person called them out.

Two of Curry’s top lieutenants attempted to extort nearly a half million from the district and when called out, the council gave one of them Sam Mousa, a four year, no bod, no responsibility six figure contract.

What part of this sounds adult to you?

They started this whole hubadoo based on a junior attorneys memorandum which ignored statutes and changed the meaning of the word shall.

This gave them enough of an opening to put a kibosh thus far on the referendum, and they used a lot of specious reasons, cost of and timing of the referendum among others as reasons to drag their feet.

This by the way is something current council members and former school board members Brenda Bully Jackson and Tommy Hazouri never would have put up with if it would have happened when they were on the school board.

They haven’t asked the city attorney to recuse themselves despite blaring conflicts of interests, owing his job the Curry  who desperately wants the referendum to fail.

Then none of them have recused themselves either despite taking money from the civic council which is pulling the strings behind this entire sordid affair.

Finally more than a few council members have said we know the schools have tremendous needs and the school board is in charge of the schools, but…

Does any of that sound like how adults act? Any of it.

The city council has given the city a black eye as they attempted to bully the school board while fighting against children getting what they both need and deserves on behalf of a handful of super donors, using specious reasons and a ridiculous memo that changed the meaning of the word they, to do so, you know because that’s how adults act.

Randy DeFoor is a joke, a bad joke, plain and simple.

Scott Wilson just cannot get enough questions answered. (draft)

This was something he posted on Facebook this morning.

I can’t understand why the Florida Times Union refuses to share both sides of this story. How can anyone ask the city council to place a plan on the ballot, require we vote yes and deny us the right to ask questions? In all my years in government I have never seen anything like this.
I attended their school board meeting on July 17th and we agreed on a plan. I also attended a follow meeting in case they had additional questions for me. The plan began with council members submitting their questions in writing, followed by school board written responses. Now we have a joint meeting scheduled for Wednesday August 14, 2019. At this joint meeting we will discuss in detail the responses which were bundled together and extremely complex. My questions relate to how the schools in my district will be changed and I don’t see those answers in the document returned to me.
I have always had a great working relationship with many of the school board members, but my patience is wearing thin. Every time I open the Florida Times Union I see quotes likes “they are moving the goal posts” or “we’ve answered questions and they ask more questions”. I ask what questions have been answered with no response; if the questions were answered they should be able to easily copy and paste. I have also seen statements such as “the questions are absurd or ridiculous”. They should be easy to answer then. While the Florida Times Union complains about the number of questions why don’t they share with their readers good thoughtful questions posed by your elected city council.
The city council did not ask for this issue but I also realize our schools need additional funding for infrastructure improvements. We have plenty of other issues facing this city. I am ready to move on. If the school board wants my support then answer a few simple questions.
For those who choose to call us names or speak toward us in a negative manner god bless you!

That’s a lot to take in there.

You may not have noticed it but there has been a concentrated strategy to go after the TU in recent weeks by the mayor, members of the city council and others. now I get it as a frequent critic I may be the last person who should mention this but what I have a problem with is not the news reporting well not always anyways, but with their opinion/editorial section, which if I am being honest put out a hell of an editorial on the matter Friday.

Then he complains that the council has been denied the right to ask questions?!? Um the school board has answered all their questions time and time again, including a massive list sent to them two weeks ago.

He then says the questions have not been answered um, what?!?

It’s insulting that he would make that claim, Scott “ahh shucks” Wilson knows better but he must think enough of his constituents will just believe anything he says.

Then he says the council and board agreed upon a plan, yeah I am sure the board did but they had a metaphorical gun pointed at their head. This was also before the city learned the original memorandum was just some incompetent or corrupt junior attorneys opinion, and two of mayor Lenny Curry’s top lieutenants attempt to extort nearly a half million from the school board, one of which, Sam Mousa was rewarded with a six figure no bid four year contract for doing so, was revealed.

Then he complains the matter was dropped in their lap, he doesn’t mention it was done so by a patently ridiculous memorandum that didn’t have the force of law, and he doesn’t mention that he and the city council could have passed and just done as the law requires them to do so.

City Council president Scott Wilson made a terrible bed based on lies and greed and now he is complaining he has to lay in it. We really deserve better.

Did city hall just pay off Sam Mousa

Um how is any of this legal?

While still with city hall Sam Mousa partnered with another top Curry lieutenant Tim Baker and tried to get nearly a half million dollars out of the school district by providing services they did not want. 

Senator Audrey Gibson, school board chair Lori Hershey and former city councilman and school board vice chair Warren Jones all likened what was happening to extortion. 

Now Sam Mousa retired for a little more than a month just got a six figure consulting gig from the city.

From the Times Union,

Sam Mousa, Jacksonville City Hall’s recently retired top administrator, won a no-bid consulting contract on Thursday with Mayor Lenny Curry’s office that will pay him $120,000 a year.
Curry hired Mousa’s company, Mousa Consulting Group Inc., to provide an open-ended list of services, including developing policy, overseeing special projects and providing support to departmental directors and other employees…
…It’s unclear whether Mousa has solicited or has been hired to work for any other clients to lobby City Hall. He isn’t registered as a lobbyist with the city’s ethics office, which is required once a person has accepted payment to lobby council members on active legislation.
Mousa didn’t respond to a request for an interview.
City spokeswoman Nikki Kimbleton wouldn’t explain why the city needed Mousa’s services. Instead, she provided a written statement attributed to Hughes that said Mousa was hired according to “every legal and regulatory requirement.”

Um the ^%$&ing city can’t even explain why Mousa’s services were needed?!? Just that he met the requirements and they were going to pay him six figures. I imagine the city spokesperson then took a bite of an apple and said lump it.

Friends does this smell like a payoff to you? Hey keep quiet about that one thing and I will get you back. We aren’t being led, we are being ruled.

Gary Chartrand says not giving hundreds of millions to charter schools is discriminatory, wow this guy.

This guy, oy vey.

I want to remind you all that Gary Chartrand is a millionaire who doesn’t live in Jacksonville who sent his children to an exclusive and expensive private schools, who not only never taught a day in his life but is owed over three million by the KIPP charter school. Then after giving truckloads of money to the mayor and most of the city council is fighting with his conspirators on the civic council against the tax referendum which would repair and upgrade our schools and that would finally keep some of the decades old promises to our communities of color.

This guy thinks the school board not giving into his allies attempting to extort hundreds of millions from schools that desperately need it, is discriminatory.

This guy,

Gary Chartrand Scott, thank you for doing your job with integrity . Name calling by former mayor Godbold is childish and unhelpful. The master plan is full of holes . I would be happy to explain it to him. It’s too expensive, its not realistic on student enrollment projections and it is discriminatory against students that choose a PUBLIC charter. This plan can be tweaked and passed if the DCSB would collaborate .

Maybe he should leave his mansion in St. Johns county move to Duval and run for the school board, though I guess he thinks its just easier to buy a mayor and a handful of city council members.

Does anybody see how tone deaf and obsessed this guy. He is saying 113 thousand public school kids can’t get what they need so 16 thousand charter school kids can get more.

They already get huge tax incentives, PECO money, grants and his school gets millions more but its not enough, it will never be enough. His greed knows no ends.

In Video games you fight a lot of little foes and bosses before you come to the big bad, the ultimate villain in the game. Well in the tax referendum story is written there will be plenty of villains, most of the city council, Lenny Curry, Sam Mousa and Tim Baker among others but without a doubt Gary Chartrand is the big villain of the story.