Hey Times Union, Rory Diamond does not deserve your praise

I think we can all agree that helping our Veterans, like Rory Diamond’s K9’s for veterans does is a good and worthy thing, but if the Times Union is going to lavish praise on Diamond they should give us a complete picture of the man.

Diamond was one of the fiercest opponents of the school districts efforts to get a sales tax referendum passed to help fix its aging and crumbling schools. While doing so he accused the school board chair of being less than honest, and said only students at charter schools have a chance, which is laughable and uninformed. He did this after taking a million dollars from public school foe and charter school proponent Gary Chartrand,something Diamond didn’t bother to disclose. One could make the argument he fought against the city’s schools and children, along with jobs and a stimulus, after being paid to do so. 

Then speaking of being paid, Diamond is well rewarded for his efforts, after Chartrand’s million dollar gift his compensation went up 40k to a quarter million dollars, pretty good right and I guess more proof that true altruism doesn’t exist.

Diamond, may love helping veterans but he sure doesn’t love helping children, and his moral ambiguity is troubling to say the least.

Rory Diamond continues his shameless attacks against DCPS

Rory, Rory, Rory, who hurt you, or more to the point who bought you off?

At the recent Beaches Watch meeting, Diamond, lied and spread misinformation, at some point we can’t chalk this up to his freshmen ignorance and he has to be held accountable.

First he said, and its right there on his power point, the school board has not under invested in our schools. sheesh. Tallahassee changed the amount districts can collect through millage costing DCPS abut 30 million a year and when you factor in inflation we spend about a grand less than we did in 2007. You can’t “under invest” what you don’t have.

Next he claims if we do the referendum the district will have 3 billion dollars over the next 15 years but instead of treating that like its something insidious, we should be glad, the district can use it. He also seems to think that if the referendum comes into play, nothing new will break and there won’t be any new needs. 

Finally he says DCPS has 22 failing schools, a quick look at the FLDOE site says two, just two DCPS schools got an F last year.

It’s time Diamond stopped lying and started helping.


Rory Diamond and Micheal Boylan vote for an elected super

You know even when Boylan was a public radio guy you knew he was against public ed. He allowed Chartrand to fund their public ed coverage, which is like allowing wolves to fund hen house security and he pushed pro privatization films like School Inc.

Then Rory “only kids in charters have a chance” Diamond is comically uninformed. The beach has some of the best schools in the state yet I guess they are failing if we use his logic. If Gary Chartrand said the sky was orange and puppies weren’t cute, Diamond would probably go along.

This vote should have been 7-0 against. Duval has made tremendous progress and very few people outside of Gary Chartrand’s last cook out think an elected super is a good idea.

I would say Boylan and Diamond are disappointments, but that is like saying the sky is blue and puppies are cute, everyone already knows it.

To read more, click the link: https://floridapolitics.com/archives/307143-jacksonville-city-council-panel-rejects-elected-school-superintendent-pitch


Rory Diamond has a disastrous appearance on First Coast Connect (draft)

Rory Diamond was on the First Coast Connect radio program today and to say his performance was disastrous would be an understatement. Among other whoppers he said he had been studying education policy for 15 years, which if true it’s crazy how uninformed he was.

First he came off as incredible ignorant. He said charter schools that weren’t owned shouldn’t get any tax payer money. Well friends 19 out of the city’s 22 charter schools are leased and that is by design because charters can use capital funds for leases.

Then he said Duval had 22 failing schools in Jacksonville, well friends this past year there were 22 D and F schools in Jacksonville but three of them were charter schools, which means about ten percent of both groups were failing. Now one is to many but he was a bit disingenuous when he said over and over that Jacksonville has 22 failing schools, implying it was just traditional schools that was failing.

Diamond went on to bemoan that many charters didn’t have gyms, cafeterias or playgrounds. First they do that so they can build the schools on the cheap. Nobody said they couldn’t build those things and the district was criticized mightily for not using the cheaper charter school standards.

Florida grossly under funds its schools, but that’s just a coincidence to Diamond, who thinks its an innovation and management problem. Um how are the charter school USA schools innovative again? The truth is very few of the districts charters have any form of innovation.

He did mention that he didn’t run for school board that he ran for city council, but it was just normal for the city council to overlook the school boards plans because of checks and balances. Just so we are clear this hasn’t happened anywhere else nor in the history of Jacksonville.     

I could really go and on and on but you should probably listen for yourself, where you will find several citizens having their questions on the matter deflected.


Rory Diamond might sound reasonable as he accuses the school board of lying, something he did again, though he quickly followed it up with I don’t want to cast aspirations, but he’s not, he’s a villain of the story doing the bidding of his donors and we shouldn’t think that’s not what’s happening for a second.

Rory Diamond continues his quest to be most reviled city council member (draft)

A while back Diamond said only children in charters have a chance.

At the joint city council school board meeting, he had the director of the KIPP school speak and explain the charter school experience.

He with joy in his voice said he would withdraw the districts referendum request.

He called the school board chair a liar too.

Diamond even though it is ridiculous and unfair has called for a proportional split with charters any sales tax money and often comes off as a $#@^ *%$ when talking about the district and now this,

Image may contain: one or more people and text

This is in response from Jason Fischer’s flip flop, when he changed from wanting an appointed school board to wanting to have an elected superintendent and the outrage this created. He thinks he is being clever, that to support one election and not the other makes you a hypocrite, he is to tone deaf to realize he falls in that group as well.

There is a difference however from stopping people to vote on the needed referendum and wanting people to vote on electing a super for no other reason than that’s what his donors want.

Rory undoubtedly has no since of history, that when we last had an elected superintendent we were decertifyied as a district, how under Greene we have the highest graduation rate we have ever had and were just one percentage point away from being A rated, or that all the other large districts have appointed superintendents because they know we need somebody with experience and expertise. No he doesn’t know any of that, he is just some privileged white guy making a joke about getting rid of an African American woman, whose only fault is she has done her job, and said no to the city council’s extortion.

Come on beaches was this $#@%^ *#^ really the best you could have done? 

Councilman Rory Diamond continues to struggle with basic numbers..

and decency, he struggles with decency too but that’s another post.

I know what it is like to struggle with math. I based my college majors on which ones needed the least amount of math. When I was getting my degree I only had a one credit stat class to take, and I ended up having to take it twice. So Rory, I get it.

The thing is Rory is struggling with basic numbers.  

The other day the school board voted 4-3 to support the supers plan to share with charters, a vote the city council weaponized by the way, and Diamond said the council didn’t support the plan. As bad at math as I am, I know I would rather have 4 dollars than three.

This problem showed itself again last night.

From the Times Union,

Several council members put the blame on the School Board for their decision to withdraw the legislation, saying the board has not been flexible about resolving concerns raised by council members, including about sharing more of the sales tax money with charter schools.
Diamond argued the the best way forward would to withdraw the legislation and give the School Board time to come back with a fresh request that “a majority of Jacksonville can support.”

Um a recent poll said 56 percent of the city supported the referendum, another poll said 70 percent.


Does Rory not understand that 56 or 70 percent of anything is a majority?

Or is he just being disingenuous, does we hope nobody notices he is trying to trick people? My bet is that is it.

Rory represents all that is wrong with the city, he is either incompetent or he thinks we are.

Come on Beaches, this was the best you could do?

  Image result for rory diamond

For #@%&s sake, How is Rory Diamond on the City Council

Diamond has been one of the stringent foes of the sales tax referendum he has-

Said only children who go to charters have a chance.

Brought a charter school lady to speak at the joint school board and city council meeting

And introduced a resolution demanding the school board share on a proportional basis with charter schools,

But what he said today has to be the last straw.

This was his comment on Twitter about an article in the Times Union that talked about the board approving the supers plan to share with charters.


Is he just trying to lie to the lady who posted the original tweet? Does he not know how numbers work. This is truly baffling.

In my book fighting against the city’s schools and children on behalf of a handful of rich donors makes Diamond a bad guy, not knowing how numbers work (though I guess he could have just been lying) makes him a, well you know.

This is what passes for leadership in Jacksonville. We deserve and can do better.

To read the article where it says the board passed the plan 4-3, click the link.


Executive Director of KIPP Jax complains charters need more money

When Rory “I hate public schools” Diamond called on Jennifer Brown to speak at the joint city council school board meeting on Tuesday, the crowd groaned. You will too once you see how she responded to one of SB members Elizabeth Andersen’s tweets. 

Um, last year alone the KIPP school got two million extra from the state, another 690k from the kids hope alliance and over 700k in PECO funds, more than any other charter in the city. It’s laughable that somebody from KIPP claims to be the defender of charters.

These KIPP people, they do one thing well and its not educating children, it’s sucking money from the public trough.

Rory Diamond’s per pupil proposal explained. Spoiler it doesn’t make him look good.(draft)

Rory, Rory, Rory, your tone deafness is deafening.

Rory wants the money raised by the school referendum to be shared with charter schools on a per pupil, not on a needs basis.

 Council member Rory Diamond:

“The Council hereby requests that the School Board amend its School Capital Outlay Surtax plan to include a clear and specific allocation for charter schools,” the draft resolution obtained by the Times-Union said. “While other allocations may be as effective, the council recommends that the School Board modify its plan substantially as follows: In each fiscal year the School Capital Outlay Surtax shall be allocated to traditional and charter schools on a per pupil basis.”
Sigh, just so we are clear the money raised is for construction and maintenance needs and to my chagrin charters have already been promised a share for security and the ability to get more based on needs, but for Diamond that;s not good enough.
Lets take a second and look at a picture from his latest tweet,
Who’s the good dog, who’s the good dog.
What a cute pup, if you din’t know it Rory’s day job for which he is paid over 200 grand a year is paring veterans with PTSD with service dogs. A pretty cool thing.
So Rory should just give that pup, which is going to cost tens of thousands of dollars to train to just anyone right, it doesn’t matter if they need him or not are a vet or not, have PTSD or not. Just sigh up and get it and if a vet with real needs gets bumped down the list or doesn’t get their needs taken care of well so be it. 
Am I right? Isn’t that what he is saying about the tax referendum money? You get it whether you need it or not but the thing is its even worse because most of our charters are for profit, Rory is advocating putting more money in the hands of people and organizations that won’t put it into our schools. That is what Rory is fighting for. Do my friends and neighbors at the beach think that is right? What your representative should be fighting for?
Change tax referendum money to dog, and veterans with PTSD and people that want a dog and its the same thing, but Diamond is so blinded by his hatred of public schools he can’t see it.   
Diamond has a palpable hatred of our schools built on intellectually dishonesty, and he just smiles as he does it. He is willing to fight against children getting what they need and deserve so the rich can get richer, and he wants the public to pay for it. 
Come on beaches, really, this was the best you could do?

CM Rory Diamond says the darnedest and untrue things

Can somebody call councilman Diamond and tell him about google it may prevent him from continuing to make a fool of himself. 

From Florida Politics Diamond commenting on an elected superintendent,

Councilman Rory Diamond, a Republican, said “School board races do not get enough scrutiny from voters … the same kind of energy and focus that City Council races get.”

“Anything that gets more voter participation and focus is a good thing,” Diamond said.
Regarding the elected Superintendent, Diamond urged looking at the structure.
“What’s best for our city over time … ten, twenty, thirty years down the road,” Diamond said.
Um, first he ran unopposed something I am sure the beaches are now kicking themselves about, you know because reasons.
Here is a screenshot of four of the five city council races that had to be decided in a general election.
Now here is a screenshot about Elizabeth Andersen’s school board race.
Um notice anything? Like more people voted in the school board election than all three district races combined. Now you might be saying Chris but don’t two districts on the city council equal one district on the school board and yes, that is true but what else is true is 49K voted in the school board race while around 20 voted in the three city council races or fewer voted than what Andersen got on her own.
Um the hubris and willful ignorance of Diamond, oh they are just school board races nobody cares. I find it stunning that this guy was elected to represent people.
He said we should make decisions whats best for our city, well the best thing I can see is having this guy in our rear view.
Willful ignorance and arrogance are a terrible look for him.