Jason Fischer once again attacks DCPS on behalf of his donors.

Have you ever heard the expression, any day that ends with a Y? It means sure I can do that/would do it anyway, well that’s Jason Fischer with his attacks on public ed, and specifically local public ed.

His latest attack is to codify into law how special tax referendum money has to be spent, allocating a proportion of it to charter schools, and gasp, whether they need it or not.

From Florida Politics,

For any future referendums to raise sales tax rates for public schools, there could be a proportional carveout for charter schools.
That sharing approach is contemplated by language that a Jacksonville lawmaker aims to have added to the 2020 tax package.
Rep. Jason Fischer, a second-term Republican who has prioritized education reform, wants all future school tax referenda to see proceeds shared equitably between charter and traditional public schools.
First I am a 100 percent sure, Fischer has no idea what equitably means because that is what the district already proposed.
So he wants to blow the system up and you know who this benefits? His lords and masters in the charter school industry that is who. He wants them to get millions more and again whether their schools need them or not.
How do you get so hateful and vile like Fischer has to attack the futures of children so his donors can line their pockets with ever more money. What blackens somebody’s soul like that?
Once again Fischer reveals himself and the site is nasty. 
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The racial overtones of the attacks on Superintendent Greene

Let me make this clear, I am not saying these men are racist, I am how asking why when a white man was the super, one who arguably didn’t do as well as her, there were no such attacks.

Richard Corcoran,
In May at an incredible state board of education meeting state commissioner Richard Corcoran chided superintendent Green to give our schools to the IDEA academy, saying the district had failed it’s children.  He even said he wants the authority to take over schools.


Jason Fischer 
Jason Fischer, amends his J-1 bill from having an appointed school board to having an elected superintendent.


Lenny Curry
The chutzpah of this guy as he has led the charge of the referendum, so DCPS can’t take care of its maintenance needs.

Mayor Lenny Curry says he’ll ensure problems facing Duval County … If your management (Greene) can’t fix basic needs like air conditioning, we will.”.

Jordan Elsbury, assistant to the mayor.

So Greene is a bureaucrat with little results, despite leading Manatee County and DCPS to its best graduation rates and to less than one percentage point away from an A district grade.

Then throw in Gary Chartrand the Ponta Vedra millionaire and puppeteer, who didn’t want Greene chosen to be super, for good measure

What do all of these people have in common? I think you can figure it out.

Let me make this clear, I am not saying these men are racist, I am how asking why when a white man was the super, one who arguably didn’t do as well as her, there were no such attacks.

The Times Union stops just short of calling Jason Fischer a liar

Former councilman and current charter review commission member Matt Schellenberg doesn’t.

From the Times Union,

So why has Rep. Jason Fischer proposed a state law that would allow a referendum on the subject of an elected superintendent? This would be a return to the bad old days when politics trumped educational credentials.
Fischer told the Charter Revision Commission that when he talks to residents in his district an overwhelming majority like the idea. But former Councilman Matt Schellenberg, who also represented the Mandarin area, said he has heard no such groundswell of interest…
…If educational performance isn’t behind Fischer’s proposal for an elected superintendent, what could be?
And that’s where speculation in the community is on overdrive.
Could it be an attempt to take over the school system by political power brokers?
Could this sudden interest in a radical change in the superintendent’s position be connected to having a black female as the appointed superintendent?
Fischer and proponents of this measure say innocently that it’s only meant to give voters more influence. That’s baloney.
Think about this friends, those same constituents he now says are overwhelmingly for an elected super are the same ones he said were overwhelmingly for an appointed school board just a few weeks back. Fischer lies as effortlessly as I breathe.
He’s doing what his masters on the civic council are telling him to do, no more no less.
You know I bet there isn’t much Schellenberg and I would agree on. In fact I have covered him a few times too and it hasn’t been good, but he would be so much better than Fischer who represents all that’s wrong in politics.
We have a state rep who lies, and is trying to harm our schools and city, on behalf of his donors. It’s disgusting and we deserve better.  

Jason Fischer lies as effortless as I breathe

Jason Fischer spoke to the charter review commission last Friday where he talked about his constituents, re: Chartrand and Curry had been clamoring for an elected superintendent. Mind you these same constituents just a few weeks before were clamoring for an appointed school board which means if you think about it, Fischer was against elections before he was for them.
Mind you he was straight up lying, something I feel very comfortable saying. You see he doesn’t meet with constituents as evident by him not showing up to a meeting his office organized in August. Since that fiasco it’s been radio silence.
The crazy thing is, as corrupt as he is and as anti-democratic as his suggestion is, it may actually make it to Tallahassee.
From Florida Politics,
FP reached out to Duval Delegation members for their takes and found that Fischer likely won’t have a problem getting a second for his motion.
Rep. Wyman Duggan, a Republican likewise aligned with Curry, supports the measure.
“If the voters don’t want it, they will tell us,” Duggan says.
Duggan also notes that the “Duval Consolidation agreement and the Charter give the Legislature a governing role independent of the City Council.”
The Council was slated to vote in opposition to a previous version of the Fischer bill in committee last week; however, Duggan’s take is that the Legislature can move independently of input from local lawmakers.
Veteran observers can’t remember a time when a Legislature pushed a local bill without a mandate from the City Council. Despite the lack of public outcry (other than advocacy from unnamed “constituents” Fischer cites), this could set a new precedent.
Sen. Aaron Bean also backs the move. “If it passes,” Bean said, “Jacksonville voters will have the final say.”

Sadly, it’s not like bean and Duggan are much better than Fischer. Side note, the picture below is the one Florida Politics put up accompany the article. Not Fischer’s best look but I guess neither is attempting to screw over the city he is supposed to represent on behalf of his donors.
Mark Woods in the Times Union, also explained what a bad idea an elected superintendent is and even though he is probably the nicest man you will ever meet, Fischer’s disingenuousness.
From the Times Union,
Fischer initially wanted to do away with an elected school board and give the mayor the power to appoint the board. Then, a month later, after Mayor Lenny Curry came out against an appointed board but in support of an elected superintendent, Fischer changed directions and filed a bill to have the mayor’s political committee — I mean, the public — elect a superintendent.
“It’s clear to me that voters want more say about what happens in their school system, so it’s just a natural evolution of the conversation,” Fischer said.
Until this year, only three states allowed elected superintendents: Florida, Alabama and Mississippi.
Mississippi got out of the club, saying that starting Jan. 1 all local school superintendents shall be appointed by their local school boards. (In Mississippi, shall means shall.)
When Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant signed this into law, he tweeted: “This simple act of innovation is long overdue.”
So … Fischer wants to take a school district that narrowly missed an A grade last year and go to a system that Mississippi has abandoned, leaving 78 districts nationwide with it — many of them small and/or rural.
If we did this, we would be the largest school district in America with an elected superintendent.
A few years ago this came up in Alachua County. At the time, more than 90 percent of the Florida districts with appointed superintendents received an A or B — while 14 of 41 districts with an elected superintendent received a D.
This isn’t to say that having an appointed superintendent eliminates politics and gets the perfect leader. Or that having an elected superintendent doesn’t work in some districts. But to suggest this is the route for Duval to go — that instead of a search that extends far outside our city limits we should have a partisan election of Duval residents — doesn’t make sense.
It instead makes one wonder, as much does these days, about the games being played.
Did I mention Fischer lies as easily as I breathe and he doesn’t care about anybody but himself even if that means advancing his donor agenda which is bad for everyone but them? Just making sure.
Friends, we deserve better than Fischer and sadly I can’t imagine anyone worse.

Who wants to have an elected super more, Fischer and Curry or the man who gave them six figures? (draft)

Three white men looking to replace an African american woman by the way.

In this past cycle alone, Gary Chartrand gave Curry over fifty grand and Fischer over thirty, couple that with the tens of thousands he has given them in the past and the amount adds up.

Chartrand had a plan for a long time and that was through donations garner influence over the school board. Even though he doesn’t even live in Jacksonville he has donated to a candidate in every race since at least 2012. That’s all 7 districts and double digit candidates, and he has had some success too.

The KIPP school despite mediocre numbers was allowed to expand, charter growth expanded greatly and TFA came to town, but I imagine for him progress was slow and he wasn’t getting the return on investment he hoped for. Becki Couch, Warren Jones and Ashley Smith-Juarez all took money from him at one time but resisted his agenda. Then all too often the citizens of Jacksonville have rejected his candidates. This last round only one of three that he supported won, and just barely at that.

His goal of an all charter city maned by temps, sorry Teach for America wasn’t likely to happen at the pace he was going.

So why buy a school board, who has had a lot of their authority eroded when you can buy a mayor and a state representative and that’s where Curry and Fischer come in.

It’s here his return on investment has been tremendous. For his hundred grand, he has received almost 1.4 million from the city, through the kids hope alliance and about five million from the state, money Jason Fischer has inserted into the budget, both figures to help his pet charter school the KIPP school.

Now I don’t want to be disingenuous, a lot of republicans in politics have an irrational dislike of public education and an equaly irrational love for charters, I don’t think it took a lot of convincing for Curry and Fischer to betray the city’s children, but the money Chartrand gave and the access to more from Chartrand’s friends certainly didn’t hurt.

I guess the bottom line is, if there was no Chartrand, I doubt there would even be a Curry or Fischer in office, but if they were, I imagine they couldn’t carve less about electing a superintendent. 

Greed, sexism and racism drive Jacksonville’s decisions.

Jason Fischer’s change to his J-1 bill from having an appointed school board to have an elected superintendent, quite the stunning reversal if you think about it is about racism and sexism as much as it has been about greed.

The referendum would undoubtedly help those minority communities in Jacksonville that have one promise after another broken, but instead of taking care of them, councilmen like Micheal Boyloan and Scott Wilson, who represent more affluent parts of town say what about us. Charlotte Joyce the one school board member who has opposed the referendum told the families at a majority white school, they shouldn’t support the referendum because their upgrades won’t come for quite some time. They aren’t screaming the N word but the implication is clear, black kids who need the resources the most need to wait their turn.

Then I want to point out that when we had a white man who often bent the knee to the city’s white elites replacing him wasn’t an option but now that we have a black woman who is interested in helping those schools, which happen to be minority that need it the most, the city’s elites are falling over themselves to replace her.

From the Times Union,

A month after state Rep. Jason Fischer filed a bill that would have turned the elected Duval County School Board into a mayoral-appointed board, Fischer changed course Friday and said he will instead seek the state Legislature’s approval for a voter referendum on whether the school superintendent should be an elective office.
Fischer, R-Jacksonville, said giving voters the ability to elect the superintendent — currently hired by the School Board — would give them more influence over what happens in the school district.
“I don’t think the status quo is working in our school system,” Fischer said. “I don’t think that all kids are being served, and change starts at the top.”
He said most Florida counties elect their superintendent, and Duval County voters “should have the opportunity to decide” if they want to do the same.
“It’s clear to me that voters want more say about what happens in their school system, so it’s just a natural evolution of the conversation,” he said.
Oy vey, his tone deafness is deafening, he said people want to say more about what is happening, while his team is denying people the right to vote. Serious what the %$#^!?!
Then the leadership at the top that needs to be replaced is Scott Wilson on the council and Lenny Curry our mayor. They have denied people the right to vote and have done so to benefit their donors interests.
This is about freed, who controls the districts budget, real estate and any referendum money, and Fischer’s donors want to get paid, as much as it is about sexism and racism, and we shouldn’t fail to recognize that.
Fischer could care less about what the people of Jacksonville think, he only cares about himself and that’s a shame. 

Jason Fischer turns his attacks towards superintendent Greene

Jason Fischer, Lenny Curry and Gary Chartrand routinely compete for who is the worst. Fischer today pulled into the lead and he did it on behalf of the other two.

Fischer amended his universally reviled J-1 bill which would have the school board appointed, to making the superintendent elected. Um, think about that, originally he thought elections were the problem and we needed appointments, now he thinks appointments are the problem and we need elections. He is a bad joke that unfortunately the people of Jacksonville have to endure.

From Florida Politics, 

On Friday afternoon, the Jacksonville City Council Rules Committee planned to consider a motion to oppose proposed changes to the local school board.
But before they could do that, the bill was changed.
Ordinance 2019-595 would express opposition to a proposed “local bill” in the state Legislature that would allow the Jacksonville Mayor to appoint the Duval County School Board.
Hours before the meeting, the local bill proposed was changed. The new version scraps that and seeks an elected superintendent, a move that would align Duval with 41 other counties in the state.
Local Bill J-1 was drafted in August by state Rep. Jason Fischer, a former School Board member.
Fischer is an ally of Mayor Lenny Curry, and Curry wants an elected Superintendent — currently an appointed position.
Fischer explained the changes Friday, saying there was “no better way to strengthen voters’ voices and control over their local school system than to elect the Superintendent.”
Hahahaha, Jason said he cared about voters, oh boy I am just glad I wasn’t drinking milk when I read that,
Jason doesn’t care about anybody but himself, though he will do the bidding of Curry, Chartrand and others if he thinks it will get him somewhere. They think if the position is elected they can get some big dollar player in here to take the job, instead of somebody with expertise and experience, someone who will aid them with their agenda to privatize our schools. They are comic book villains  
Fischer is the worse and more and more people are coming to realize that.
One last thing, when we had a white guy super, one who cow towed to the city’s elite, this wasn’t a discussion and that should really tell you all you need to know.

Jason Fischer learned in Lenny Curry’s world you are useful until you aren’t. (draft)

I don’t think there is anybody that Lenny Curry wouldn’t throw under the bus if he thought it would benefit him. First it was the city’s schools and children, and now Jason Fischer has tread marks. If I was Sam Mousa I would be getting worried.

Jason Fischer introduced the universally panned J-1 bill that wanted to strip voters of the right to vote for the school board and instead make them appointed by the mayor. It is inconceivable that he did so without input from the Mayor, inconceivable.

Curry, I believe looking for cover from one of the scandals currently rocking city hall and seeing how unpopular the proposal was, promptly threw Fischer under the nearest bus.

From Florida Politics,

  In football terms, it would be a quarterback option.

With Jacksonville currently debating a proposed local bill for a mayoral-appointed School Board, Mayor Lenny Curry on Tuesday called for something else.
Keep the School Board elected, Curry said.
Curry ally and state Rep. Jason Fischer proposed a measure last week to bring the School Board under the purview of the Mayor’s Office.
However, Curry denied any input on the bill, and he let Fischer know on Tuesday that he saw it differently.
While Curry recognizes that Fischer “started a conversation about accountability in the Executive Branch,” the Mayor believes voters should ultimately decide.
Now in the same article Curry did call for electing the superintendent, something he didn’t when a white man was super and school bard chair, hmm could we elect the city council president too perhaps from an at large member?  Two also terrible ideas but there can be know doubt the loud ka-dump, ka-dump, ka-dump you just heard was Fisher getting rolled over by a buses three sets of wheels.
Mousa, Sam, get in front of this once one domino falls, more inevitably do. You might be thinking he would never do that to you, well buddy, that’s what the city’s children thought as well.

Jason Fischer is the status quo he rails against

Jason Fischer says the status quo id Duval’s school system isn’t working and that is why he proposed bill J-1, a bill that would give the mayor the ability to appoint the school board.

He did this despite the district having it’s highest graduation ever and last year being less than one percentage point away from an A. Now personally I don’t think those are very good metrics, but they are the metrics that Fischer’s side set up that indicate success.

So despite the district heading in the right direction and being more successful in the state metrics than ever before Fischer wants to blow the system up.

He also hasn’t explained why he thinks the mayor would be better. Last I saw the only things the mayor did well was post pictures of his son working out on twitter (creepy) and giving public money away.

Fischer talks about how the status quo is failing which is ironic because he is entrenched in the status quo. If you have problems with education in Florida and I hope you do, you should point your finger at Fischer’s team, the republicans in Tallahassee who have completely controlled public education in Florida for over 20 years. They own the privatization, they own the starvation of resources, they own the over testing and the blame the teacher evaluations and the teacher shortage. 
He represents the status quo but he is so intellectually dishonest he can’t admit it.

Image may contain: text

The status quo owns all of that.

The reality is what Fischer is trying to do has nothing to do with the status quo and has everything to do with real estate and money. The school board controls a lot and Fischer wants his donors to control it. People say all the time, just follow the money and that applies here.

Jason Fischer will say and do anything if he thinks it will advance his career and that includes selling out the city’c children and stripping people of the right to vote for their school board members and don’t think for a second that isn’t true.

Jason Fischer gives us an opening to abolish the city council (draft)

Jason Fischer introduce a bill called J-1 saying the school board wasn’t working and this despite the highest graduation rates and district grade, less than one percentage point away from an A in its history. Here is the thing, we do have a board that’s not working and that’s the city council. You know the status quo isn’t working for the citizens of Jacksonville. It’s time to abolish the city council and hear me out.

They let the pension problem get so out of control they had to extend the better Jacksonville Plan for another fifteen years and its going to cost our kids a ton of money for some short turn relief.

The murder rate is twenty percent higher than its record high.

We have wasted millions and millions on the landing without a plan in site.

The council is about to approve a 233 million dollar give away to a multi billionaire with lot J.

Huge swathes of our city have been perpetually ignored as well and are mired in institutional poverty.

Then this city council does not understand what its job is, they think they should manage the city’s schools too, something they weren’t elected to do.

The city council wishes they had the achievements and track record of the school board

Fischer was right, we do need to get rid of a group, he just had the wrong group. Wherever you turn you see failure after failure form the city council. They don’t listen to the citizens of Jacksonville, heck they even have public comments at the end of meetings after decisions have been made and they are lawless hiring a recent retiree Sam Mousa to be a consultant with a four year, six figures per year, no bid no outlined duties contract. They are the ones that need to go.

Audrey Gibson or Tracie Davis should file J-2 a bill to get rid of the city council. If we can get rid of the school board we can get rid of the city council as well.

Now you might be asking who would replace them but the truth is nobody they do the bidding of the mayor anyways so all they are doing is taking up space.