Who wants to have an elected super more, Fischer and Curry or the man who gave them six figures? (draft)

Three white men looking to replace an African american woman by the way.

In this past cycle alone, Gary Chartrand gave Curry over fifty grand and Fischer over thirty, couple that with the tens of thousands he has given them in the past and the amount adds up.

Chartrand had a plan for a long time and that was through donations garner influence over the school board. Even though he doesn’t even live in Jacksonville he has donated to a candidate in every race since at least 2012. That’s all 7 districts and double digit candidates, and he has had some success too.

The KIPP school despite mediocre numbers was allowed to expand, charter growth expanded greatly and TFA came to town, but I imagine for him progress was slow and he wasn’t getting the return on investment he hoped for. Becki Couch, Warren Jones and Ashley Smith-Juarez all took money from him at one time but resisted his agenda. Then all too often the citizens of Jacksonville have rejected his candidates. This last round only one of three that he supported won, and just barely at that.

His goal of an all charter city maned by temps, sorry Teach for America wasn’t likely to happen at the pace he was going.

So why buy a school board, who has had a lot of their authority eroded when you can buy a mayor and a state representative and that’s where Curry and Fischer come in.

It’s here his return on investment has been tremendous. For his hundred grand, he has received almost 1.4 million from the city, through the kids hope alliance and about five million from the state, money Jason Fischer has inserted into the budget, both figures to help his pet charter school the KIPP school.

Now I don’t want to be disingenuous, a lot of republicans in politics have an irrational dislike of public education and an equaly irrational love for charters, I don’t think it took a lot of convincing for Curry and Fischer to betray the city’s children, but the money Chartrand gave and the access to more from Chartrand’s friends certainly didn’t hurt.

I guess the bottom line is, if there was no Chartrand, I doubt there would even be a Curry or Fischer in office, but if they were, I imagine they couldn’t carve less about electing a superintendent. 

Jason Fischer turns his attacks towards superintendent Greene

Jason Fischer, Lenny Curry and Gary Chartrand routinely compete for who is the worst. Fischer today pulled into the lead and he did it on behalf of the other two.

Fischer amended his universally reviled J-1 bill which would have the school board appointed, to making the superintendent elected. Um, think about that, originally he thought elections were the problem and we needed appointments, now he thinks appointments are the problem and we need elections. He is a bad joke that unfortunately the people of Jacksonville have to endure.

From Florida Politics, 

On Friday afternoon, the Jacksonville City Council Rules Committee planned to consider a motion to oppose proposed changes to the local school board.
But before they could do that, the bill was changed.
Ordinance 2019-595 would express opposition to a proposed “local bill” in the state Legislature that would allow the Jacksonville Mayor to appoint the Duval County School Board.
Hours before the meeting, the local bill proposed was changed. The new version scraps that and seeks an elected superintendent, a move that would align Duval with 41 other counties in the state.
Local Bill J-1 was drafted in August by state Rep. Jason Fischer, a former School Board member.
Fischer is an ally of Mayor Lenny Curry, and Curry wants an elected Superintendent — currently an appointed position.
Fischer explained the changes Friday, saying there was “no better way to strengthen voters’ voices and control over their local school system than to elect the Superintendent.”
Hahahaha, Jason said he cared about voters, oh boy I am just glad I wasn’t drinking milk when I read that,
Jason doesn’t care about anybody but himself, though he will do the bidding of Curry, Chartrand and others if he thinks it will get him somewhere. They think if the position is elected they can get some big dollar player in here to take the job, instead of somebody with expertise and experience, someone who will aid them with their agenda to privatize our schools. They are comic book villains  
Fischer is the worse and more and more people are coming to realize that.
One last thing, when we had a white guy super, one who cow towed to the city’s elite, this wasn’t a discussion and that should really tell you all you need to know.

Gary Chartrand lays an egg on First Coast Connect (draft)

Chartrand and his sidekick from the civic council were on the First Coast Connect radio program where they promptly laid an egg.

Jeanne Miller apparently thought a three minute filibusterer was a good way to start the program.

Chartrand started his answer about the referendum funding schools based on needs, with, there are many different definitions of needs. 

Miller, said when they met with Greene where the Civic Council made clear the importance of charter schools, you know kind of like the mafia used to make it clear the bodegas were paying protection funds. 

Chartrand explained that all non profits were really community owned since they were non profits, wait what?!? He then said the KIPP school can’t be sold because it is a non profit but that’s not really true as they sold it to another non profit last year. He has to know that as well.

Miller said since the district leases a few building then it’s okay that just about all charters are leased. She then explained why they haven’t weighed in on other issues but added sooner or later they will.

Chartrand gives a dubious story about why they loaned money to the KIPP school but did admit they owe him 2.5 million dollars.

Miller says its hard for charters to get funding, un its happened over fifty times in Jacksonville alone.

Chartrand when asked about his influence ignores the hundreds of thousands of dollars he has given to local politicians, you know because him being able to contribute the maximum as four different entitles is the same thing as anyone can do.

Chartrand undoubtedly hurt his cause today. If this guy didn’t have millions his calls would never get returned. I hope people understand that. It’s not his intellect or ideas, his passion or drive that people like, it’s his money

To listen to the interview, click the link and start at the 20 minute mark,


Melissa Ross destroys Gary Chartrand credibility on education excellence

At the  42 minute mark Melissa Ross pivoted to talk about vouchers which where an important issue veered the discussion away from the referendum. She talked about how voucher schools are allowed to teach junk science and dubious history, like dinosaurs and people lived together and slaves that had Jesus in their heart were free and that Chartrand had supported all this.

Chartrand a little indignantly said, well that doesn’t have anything to do with the subject and Melissa Ross without missing a beat said, it goes to your credibility as a champion of education excellence.

Boom drop the mike.

Chartrand went on to say that he was against the teaching of religion in school, but choice, which we all know is really privatization was so important to him that he didn’t care where kids went to school and that sums him up.

He doesn’t care if kids get a good education, as long as they don’t have to get a public education. He hates public ed so much he is willing to sacrifice the futures of children as long as they don’t have to go to a public school and if you want proof look at his eight years on the state board where he did nothing to regulate or rein in vouchers and listen to his interview on first Coast Connect.

I don’t think Gary Chartrand is a mercenary, though I have no doubt he wants his two and a half million from KIPP back, no friends he is a zealot who wants to destroy public education and the teaching profession and he has a religious like fervor motivating him to do so.

Gary Chartrand is a villain and Melissa Ross had him point that out  himself.

To listen to the interview click the link and start at the 20 minute mark.


Image result for gary chartrand

Gary Chartrand says not giving hundreds of millions to charter schools is discriminatory, wow this guy.

This guy, oy vey.

I want to remind you all that Gary Chartrand is a millionaire who doesn’t live in Jacksonville who sent his children to an exclusive and expensive private schools, who not only never taught a day in his life but is owed over three million by the KIPP charter school. Then after giving truckloads of money to the mayor and most of the city council is fighting with his conspirators on the civic council against the tax referendum which would repair and upgrade our schools and that would finally keep some of the decades old promises to our communities of color.

This guy thinks the school board not giving into his allies attempting to extort hundreds of millions from schools that desperately need it, is discriminatory.

This guy,

Gary Chartrand Scott, thank you for doing your job with integrity . Name calling by former mayor Godbold is childish and unhelpful. The master plan is full of holes . I would be happy to explain it to him. It’s too expensive, its not realistic on student enrollment projections and it is discriminatory against students that choose a PUBLIC charter. This plan can be tweaked and passed if the DCSB would collaborate .

Maybe he should leave his mansion in St. Johns county move to Duval and run for the school board, though I guess he thinks its just easier to buy a mayor and a handful of city council members.

Does anybody see how tone deaf and obsessed this guy. He is saying 113 thousand public school kids can’t get what they need so 16 thousand charter school kids can get more.

They already get huge tax incentives, PECO money, grants and his school gets millions more but its not enough, it will never be enough. His greed knows no ends.

In Video games you fight a lot of little foes and bosses before you come to the big bad, the ultimate villain in the game. Well in the tax referendum story is written there will be plenty of villains, most of the city council, Lenny Curry, Sam Mousa and Tim Baker among others but without a doubt Gary Chartrand is the big villain of the story.

Ron Salem tells the school board, listen to the Civic Council or else

At 24:38 Ron Salem with a wink says listen to the Civic Council or else.


He says any organization that wants input into this process and obtain and consider their comments, he has got a lot of analysis that makes a lot of sense to him.

Gary Chartrand and the Civic Council are fighting against our schools getting the resource they need Ron Salem is more than happy to carry water for them.

If you want to check his donors, the civic council is well represented.


Lenny Curry, Gary Chartrand and Tallahassee don’t want public schools to be able to compete against charters

One of the many dubious reasons given for the need of charter schools was they would foster competition. Since that is the case why are Gary Chartrand, Lenny Curry and Tallahassee handcuffing our public schools ability to compete?

It started with Tallahassee systematically under funding and hamstringing public education something they have done for over a decade now. Here is the thing you might forgive them for cutting budgets during the great recession, but the great recession ended 7 years ago and you could argue right now we are engaged in economic prosperity but when you factor in inflation we are almost a thousand dollars below the per pupil funding of 12 years ago. How is that acceptable?

To make matters worse. Tallahassee has limited how much money school boards can raise through property taxes while giving them a pittance of PECO funds while giving charters the lions share to charters. Then they exempt charter schools from hiring and building requirements while providing tax breaks and grants like they were water coming from a broken hydrant.

Also did you know Charters use both public money to advertise for their schools and are allowed to use district resources to recruit students?

Here is a post about charters using the district’s computer system to recruit then board member Becki Couch’s son.


They have stacked the deck against public schools, so how does that foster competition?

Tallahassee is anti-public education, I think we got it, and since that is the case something like 23 other districts have passed referendums to support public schools. The reasons given vary, safety, the arts, technology, construction and maintenance but the real reason is so they can compete against charters which don’t have to supply basics like lunch, busing and covered walk ways. 

So what happens when DCPS decides they need to have the resources to compete against charters? A charter loving mayor and businessmen with close ties to charters fight against them, giving one dubious reason after another. Why because they know if DCPS is allowed to compete they will blow charter school performance away.

You can’t say you want public schools to compete with charters, something by the way charters were never meant to do, and then prevent public schools from being able to compete, well you shouldn’t be able to anyways and if we had a decent mayor he would know that and ignore his donors and fight for our public schools.

Competition, saving children from zip codes, both just canards the school choice movement uses to sell their snake oil and to hide their true purpose which is to replace public ed. 

How much money has the Civic Council given Lenny Curry? It’s a lot!

Did you know that CC members Baker and Chartrand, in addition to having close ties to charter schools and fighting against the tax referendum have given Curry’s campaign thousands of dollars, and gave his super pac Jacksonville on the Rise, tens of thousands of dollars.
Civic Council Members- Curry campaign and Pac Donations
Douglas Baer- 2,500
John Baker- 3,000- 75,000
Edward Burr- 1,000- 4,000
Gary Chartrand- 2,000 – 50,000
Tim Cost- 1,000
Susan Wiles- 1,000- 500
Steven Halverson- 1,000
Preston Haskell- 2,000- 10.000
Rusty Newton- 2,500
Peter Rummell- 2.000- 50,000
I just wanted to leave this right here as well.
from the most recent tax returns available on guidestar one of the three charities that take care of the KIPP school.
Unless the City attorney changed the meaning of the word due, that money is owed to Baker and Chartrand.
The fight against the referendum isn’t an idealistic policy debate, it is about the greed of several rich donors and a mayor willing to do their bidding, and noting else.

Where Gary Chartrand sent his children and where he wants us to send ours.

Gary Chartrand the millionaire from Ponte Vedra is fighting against the sales tax referendum that would upgrade Jacksonville’s schools. I thought I would show you where he sent his kids and where he wants to send ours.

Image result for Bolles school photos

Image result for Bolles school photos

Image result for Bolles school photos

Image result for Bolles school jacksonville florida photos

He sent his children to the Bolles school and expensive and exclusive school with lots of electives, small classes and state of the art facilities, lots of state of the art facilities.


Meanwhile DCPS has some of the oldest schools in the state and a ten year starvation agenda by Tallahassee has brought many to the point they need to be replaced and a billion dollar maintenance back log.

Chartrand sent his children to Bolles this is where he wants us to send ours.


Image result for duval county public schools repairs
Image result for images for duval county public schools aging schools
Image result for images for duval county public schools aging schools
He wants our children to attend dilapidated and falling down schools, Chartrand is the villain of the story.
To learn more about what Chartrand is fighting against click the link, https://www.ourduvalschools.org/

Is the reason Gary Chartrand wants more money for KIPP because they owe him three and a half million dollars?

KIPP has three count them three charities that take care of it with combined assets as of 2017 the most recent tax returns available on Guidestar of  58 million dollars.


Now that’s not all cash, most of it is land and buildings, but I did find this interesting bit.

It says Due right, which means owed, I mean I think that is what it means unless the city attorney changed the meaning of that word too.

So what does all this mean? Heck if i know. I have degrees in poli sci and psychology because I wanted to take as little math as possible and all I know about tax returns is the only good thing about just paying interests on your student loans is that helps with them.

I do know however that having three charities seems hinky and KIPP plays every loophole available and I would imagine the people doing their taxes do as well.

To look at the KIPP’s school three charities 2017 tax returns, click the links.