Help Chris Guerrieri, Mr. G for District 3 get elected.

Hello friends I am asking for your help as we run for school board.  I say we because that is how I think about it. As a teacher, education advocate and blogger, I hear from parents and teachers all the time who do not feel like they have a voice, whose cries go unheard and whose needs go unmet.
That will end after I, after we are elected.
So, I need your help and there are lots of ways you can do so.
First money and I get it times can be tough but truly every little bit can help. If you find yourself in the place to do so, click the link, it is super easy and barely an inconvenience to do so.

Or you can send a check made out to Chris Guerrieri for school board district 3 to 9360 Craven Rd Unit 403 Jax Fl 32257.

Then like and share both the Facebook Candidate page and The Blog. Getting word out about the campaign is paramount.
Soon we will be launching a button and endorsement social media campaigns and we will need your help with that, and I am excited to announce we have signs on the way too.
Finally, just spread the word that there is a candidate who is going to fight for teachers, because he knows the better things are for them the better, they will be for students, parents, and kids.   
Together we can make a difference.
Thank you
Chris Guerrieri, candidate district 3 school board.