Veteran teachers are out tens of thousands of dollars due to salary roll backs.

I am starting my 19th year but I am only on step seventeen. One year I was a full time sub and another year despite there being 120,000,000 in reserves, then superintendent Pratt Dannals declared a financial emergency and steps were waived for a year.

On step 17 I am scheduled to make 47,800 during the 18-19 school year

A teacher in 2005 on step 17 was scheduled to make 41,681 .

Now lets put that amount into the inflation calculator

Hmm, it says I should be making 54,754 dollars

Hmm my regular calculator says I should be making 6,954 dollars more.  Last year when I did this piece I learned should have been making 4,885 more.

So in the last two years I am out  11,839

Why do I have the feeling what with losing the step in 2010 and the salaries getting smaller and smaller, I am out tens of thousands of dollars more and why do I feel like I am not the only one?

You know I don’t blame DTU, I think they have done as good as job as possible with economic issues. You can’t squeeze blood out of a rock and I think they have gotten all they can out of DCPS.

I am not mad at DCPS either because Tallahassee has criminally and chronically underfunded education and even if you give them a pass for the great recession, which ended oh about six years ago, they have made scant effort to make up the shortfall. It’s Tallahassee that has my ire.

These are facts, when you factor in cost of living, Florida’s teachers are the worst paid in the nation.

Florida routinely lacks at or near the bottom in investing in education.

When you factors in inflation, Florida spends about a thousand less per pupil than it did ten years ago.

I am personally out tens of thousands of dollars and if you are a veteran teacher so are you.

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Jason Gabriel says the council can’t interfere in other agencies, of for %$#&s sake.

For #@%^s sake, they are just making it up as they go along in the OGC office led by Jason Gabriel who must have got his law degree out of a box of Cracker Jacks.

So City Hall wants to sell JEA despite there being no need to and promises by Curry during the election that he would leave it alone and at first they had frozen the City Council out putting some pretty steep barriers from getting involved.

Now however they are being permitted to hire outside council which is a little befuddling because isn’t the OGC supposed to be their legal council? Why would you need an outside council unless like with the school board the OGC is working against them.

So there is a level of crazy there but what Jason Gabriel said blows crazy up. 

From the Florida Times Union,

JEA expects to start negotiating in late October with interested entities and bring a recommendation to the utility’s board in late February. In March, JEA would engage the City Council and the public, according to a timeline given to the JEA board.
Priestly Jackson asked Gabriel whether the council can require JEA to amend the minimum requirements. One change she wants would be a requirement that any deal would fully fund several hundred million dollars of unfunded pension obligations for JEA employees and retirees. Those obligations would become the city’s sole responsibility if there were a deal.
Gabriel said the council cannot require JEA to alter the terms of its solicitation.
“You can’t change something in the mid-stream of a procurement process because there’s an integrity to the process that can’t be tinkered with,” Gabriel said. “You don’t want to mess up what’s there.”

You should really read the entire article. 

Gabriel says they are to far in to change any requirements, like not assuming pension liability. Um has JEA been sold and I didn’t notice it. And the council can’t interfere in board decisions, um what the absolute $#%^ because this is absolutely what he has said they can do to the school board for months.

As they fight against the school board they are just making stuff up as the go along. This is a travesty what they are doing both with our schools and JEA. 

Rory Diamond and Micheal Boylan vote for an elected super

You know even when Boylan was a public radio guy you knew he was against public ed. He allowed Chartrand to fund their public ed coverage, which is like allowing wolves to fund hen house security and he pushed pro privatization films like School Inc.

Then Rory “only kids in charters have a chance” Diamond is comically uninformed. The beach has some of the best schools in the state yet I guess they are failing if we use his logic. If Gary Chartrand said the sky was orange and puppies weren’t cute, Diamond would probably go along.

This vote should have been 7-0 against. Duval has made tremendous progress and very few people outside of Gary Chartrand’s last cook out think an elected super is a good idea.

I would say Boylan and Diamond are disappointments, but that is like saying the sky is blue and puppies are cute, everyone already knows it.

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