More GOP money rolls in for anti-education candidate Kimberly Daniels

Am I missing something here? Why are republicans rushing to give democratic candidate Kimberly Daniels money? Could it be her anti-public education views, the fact she really isn’t a democrat or both?

From Florida Politics:

As of July 20, the last date for which campaign finance data is available, House District 14 incumbent Rep. Kim Daniels is still well ahead of Democratic challenger Paula Wright.
In the money chase ahead of the open Democratic primary, Daniels raised $7,642, and spent $13,420, between July 7 and July 20. She has just over $21,500 on hand.
Of the contributions, $5,000 came in five $1,000 checks from a North Miami Beach address housing a gaggle of dialysis companies. Also contributing: former Republican candidate for 4th Circuit State Attorney Wes White, as well as Harry Rummell of the Peter Rummell family.
Daniels was also called a champion of education by Jeb Bush’s education, err privatization foundation, and received the lowest grade of any democrat from the Florida Education Fund. 
District 14 has somebody running who really cares about our children teachers and schools and that’s Paula Wright, she not the wolf in sheep’s clothing Daniels should get our support.

Trey Csar proves he is no friend of education, endorses Darryl Willie? Is JPEF’s bias showing?

For years when I would write about the Jacksonville Public Education Fund’s entanglements with school board candidates, they would push back and say, board members can do whatever they want and it doesn’t influence their work.

Well friends we all know that isn’t true and some more evidence is this statement put out by Trey Csar just days after leaving JPEF

Via facebook:

Friends, if you can, please come out and get to know my good friend, Darryl Willie, who is running for School Board in District 4, next week. Darryl is an amazing man and father who has committed his career to improving educational outcomes, particularly for low-income kids and kids of color. Our city would be well served under his leadership.


Here is the thing I know a lot of amazing men and fathers that I wouldn’t want on the school board. That’s a serious job that requires a particular set of skills that you don’t get spending two years in a school and running a non profit that basically says anybody can be a teacher, experience doesn’t matter and kids will be fine with an ever revolving door of novice teachers.
If Trey truly cared about low income kids and kids of color he wouldn’t want Willie anywhere near the school board and our city won’t be served by Willie’s leadership only the mercurial whims of Gary Chartrand would. 

Trey has always been an affable guy, and he has always been on the wrong side of education issues as well.

District 4 you have some fantastic candidates, please don’t replace Paula Wright with somebody who both has bad ideas and hidden allegiances

Scott Shine demeans the school board and himself

Today I received an escalating series of nasty comments from anonymous who I after the first few told I would not put up anymore unless they identified themselves and then I am sure quite by accident they did, and sadly it was none other than school board member Scott Shine.

I am offended because my therapist says I don’t have any daddy issues.

Anyhoo as you can see they left the same comment twice, once as anonymous and once as wave rider and yes Shine is waverider.

He’s a blogger? gulp!

You should know I think posting negative comments anonymously is an act of cowardice. I think if you have something to say you shouldn’t be able to hide behind your keyboard. Shine apparently thinks different.

I also think Shine is a bully. I get it he doesn’t like what I write and if i was him too, I wouldn’t like it but if he doesn’t want me pointing out the things he does, then he should do different things. He’s a public figure and should suck it up rather than trying to intimidate me.

District 2 you made a poor choice when you elected Shine, he has done a terrible job. I pray you get it right this go around. Step one should be to avoid anyone who took his endorsement.  

Is Dave Chauncey looking to bring more charters to district 6? This tweet seems to indicate so.

Dave Chauncey likes to tweet, or retweet and most is about sports, though mired in his feed is the following tweet showing support for the expansion of charter schools of which over 330 have failed in Florida and over a dozen in Duval as well.

First you should all know that Public education and teachers in Florida have had fewer enemies as big and powerful as Corcoran. He has attacked and underfunded education at ever possible opportunity but it gets even worse.

One of the reasons he is such a big fan of charter schools is  because his wife benefits directly from them.

From the Tampa Times;

Classical Preparatory School, a charter school founded by the wife of incoming Florida House Speaker Richard Corcoran, has its sights set on expansion.
Opened in 2014, its waiting list is twice the size of its 406-student enrollment. And its contract lets it grow to nearly 1,000 students through 12th grade.
To explore its options, lawyers for the kindergarten through ninth-grade school last week asked to meet with Pasco County development planners about a possible 37,000-square-foot addition. The request came two weeks after lawmakers approved a bill that would make it easier for Classical Prep to access state funding for construction projects.
The perception, noted by some in Tallahassee, was of a powerful lawmaker benefiting from legislation he helped advance. But Corcoran said Tuesday that the two actions were not related, and he bristled at suggestions otherwise. The language allowing charters access to state money after two, rather than three, years of operation had a much bigger target, he explained.
Those provisions against “private enrichment” did not make the final bill (HB 7029), which passed the Legislature and awaits Gov. Rick Scott’s action.
Many House members lamented the deletion of those proposed regulations. But Gaetz said they could not survive the pushback by “legislators who had personal financial interests, or their families had financial interests in these real estate transactions.”
Could not survive the pushback by legislators who had personal or financial interests?!? Oy vey,  welcome to Florida and that should tell you all you need t know about Charters her.  That wasn’t a liberal democrat who said that by the way, no it came from one of the more conservative members of the state house
Corcoran like many republicans in the state legislature has seen charter schools as nothing but cash cows and it is more than troubling that Chauncey a candidate for school board not only doesn’t see that as a problem but thinks it is a good thing as well.
Then think about District 6 and charter schools. Duval Charter at Westside has been one of the worst performing in the city, and is run by a for profit outfit. 
Then just a couple years ago two charter schools closed mid years throwing families and the district into a lurch.
Chauncey thinks this is what district 6 and the city need more of??? 
If Chauncey has a modicum of decency he would drop out of the race and let the more qualified candidates have a debate about ideas. Hubris and a desire to curry favor with the likes of Corcoran and Chartrand and not kids and teachers are what motivates him.

Veteran Duval teachers lose out on thousands of dollars. (rough draft)

I am starting my 18th year but I am only on step sixteen. One year I was a full time sub and another year despite there being 120,000,000 in reserves, then superintendent Pratt Dannals declared a financial emergency and steps were waived for a year.

On step 16 I am scheduled to make 47,800 during the 18-19 school year

A teacher in 2005 on step 16 was scheduled to make 40,833.

Now lets put both amounts into the inflation calculator

Hmm, it says I should be making 52,685 dollars

Hmm my regular calculator says I should be making 4,885 dollars more. Why do I have the feeling what with losing the step in 2010 and the salaries getting smaller and smaller, I am out tens of thousands of dollars and why do I feel like I am not the only one?

You know I don’t blame DTU, I think they have done as good as job as possible with economic issues. You can’t squeeze blood out of a rock and I think they have gotten all they can out of DCPS.

I am not mad at DCPS either because Tallahassee has criminally and chronically underfunded education and even if you give them a pass for the great recession, which ended oh about six years ago, they have made scant effort to make up the shortfall. It’s Tallahassee that has my ire.

These are facts, when you factor in cost of living, Florida’s teachers are the worst paid in the nation.

Florida routinely lacks at or near the bottom in investing in education.

When you factors in inflation, Florida spends about a thousand less per pupil than it did ten years ago.

I am personally out tens of thousands of dollars and if you are a veteran teacher so are you.

Veteran teacher how much money are you out and are you going to let the same people in Tallahassee continue to #$%^ you over?

To read more, click the link:

As school is about to start, Tallahassee escalates its war on teachers and public schools

On the heels of Tallahassee grossly under funding their safety initiatives…

On the heels of Tallahassee’s attacks on teacher unions…

On the heels of hundreds of teachers being fired because they couldn’t pass part of a test that Tallahassee purposely made much more difficult…

On the heels of Tallahassee pushing amendment 8, a poison pill amendment which would obliterate local control of schools…

Tallahassee now has districts bracing for last minute teacher cuts at the states neediest schools.

Duval teachers United sent the following message to its members and you can bet if it is happening in Jacksonville it is happening all throughout the state.

Because of the special status of turnaround schools, the state requires that specific employee staffing changes take place. The moves will be based on student VAM scores. The state has identified cut off student VAM scores in order for individual instructional staff members to remain at the schools. If you teach in a VAM subject area or grade level, you may be surplussed to another school if your scores don’t meet the state’s cutoff score. It is important that you are aware that this may become a possibility.
Once the VAM scores are released from the department of education, teachers will be notified if they will be surplussed to another worksite for the upcoming school year. The employee will have two days to pack up their belongings at their current worksite and move them to the new work site.
These are the schools that can expect the last second surplusses
In Duval 21 schools can expect last minute teacher surpluses as Tallahassee purposely sets up our schools and children for failure. 
Friends, and all this is happening while voucher schools that have siphoned billions away from our public schools employ teachers that don’t have to take and pass any test, have any certification or have degrees. How the $%#^ does this make any sense?
Explain to me how the republicans’ in Tallahassee have not declared war on the teaching profession and public schools? What more proof do you need?
This is shameful and enough is enough, it is way past time for a change.
For %$#& sake!

A week before teachers are to report, union warns more surpluses are coming.

The union sent out the following note:

Because of the special status of turnaround schools, the state requires that specific employee staffing changes take place. The moves will be based on student VAM scores. The state has identified cut off student VAM scores in order for individual instructional staff members to remain at the schools. If you teach in a VAM subject area or grade level, you may be surplussed to another school if your scores don’t meet the state’s cutoff score. It is important that you are aware that this may become a possibility.
Once the VAM scores are released from the department of education, teachers will be notified if they will be surplussed to another worksite for the upcoming school year. The employee will have two days to pack up their belongings at their current worksite and move them to the new work site.
These are the schools that can expect the last second surplusses
Arlington Middle
George Washington Carver Elem
Gregory Drive
Hyde Park Elem
**Lake Forest Elem
Long Branch Elem
**Northwestern Middle
Ramona Elem
Rutledge Pearson Elem
Susie Tolbert Elem
Carter G. Woodson Elem
Biltmore Elem
Cedar Hills Elem
Highlands Elem
Highlands Middle
Jean Ribault Middle
Martin Luther King Elem
Rufus Payne Elem
St. Clair Evans Elem
Stonewall Jackson Elem
Brentwood Elem

Um why are we using Vam scores? The state has already said districts don’t have to use them for evaluations not that they haven’t been discredited time and time again.
So this is what is going to happen, teachers as they are reporting to work are going to be surplussed from our most fragile schools and those schools are going to be sent scrambling. This #@$%ing travesty is what the state calls good policy. 
Friends if people are going to be surplussed because of a specious metric can’t it happen weeks if not months before school starts? The state waiting to the last second is setting our kids and schools up for failure but for some reason I think that is their plan all along.

Tell me there isn’t a war on public schools and the teaching profession.

Two Betsy DeVos stories that show everything wrong with her and education

One involves her 40 million yacht becoming unmoored and the other involves her curtailing debt relief for defrauded students.

From CBS News:

Someone untied a yacht owned by the family of U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos in Ohio last weekend, police say, causing up to $10,000 in damages. The 163-foot yacht is worth a reported $40 million, according to Toledo’s The Blade newspaper.

From the New York Times:

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos proposed on Wednesday to curtail Obama administration loan forgiveness rules for students defrauded by for-profit colleges, requiring that student borrowers show they have fallen into hopeless financial straits or prove that their colleges knowingly deceived them.
The DeVos proposal, set to go in force a year from now, would replace Obama-era policies that sought to ease access to loan forgiveness for students who were left saddled with debt after two for-profit college chains, Corinthian Colleges and ITT Technical Institute, imploded in 2015 and 2016. The schools were found to have misled their students with false advertisements and misleading claims for years.
So the owner of a 40 million dollar yacht proposes screwing the little guy… again! She doesn’t care that people were victimized as she gleefully proposes victimizing them again. She has to worry about fining the change in her couch to pay for the damage the yacht did, while these people have to worry about paying rent and putting food on the table as their lives were hijacked by unscrupulous actors. 
That brings me to the problem in education, we have allowed the super rich to dictate education policy and yeah I am looking at Bill Gates too.
These people view education as something for the uncleaned masses where they can experiment and try out their gimmicks and ideas and if people get hurt, well they aren’t really people, they are specks seen from the top of a Ferris wheel.  
People like DeVos and Gates don’t care and they can’t relate, to them poverty and hard times don’t exist and at the end of the day we are nothing to them and as long as we allow these ultra wealthy to interfere in education, people are going to get hurt while they sail away on their yachts.
They lack compassion and empathy and we would be better off without them. Now ask me how I really feel.

Very little of Dave Chauncey’s campaign money comes from district 6

I have to tell you that is very troubling. It indicates he isn’t being supported by teachers and parents but rather by special interests who are going to come with their hands out if he wins.

During his last reporting period, he took in 6,500. Of that 1,325 came from individuals, and the rest from businesses, furthermore more than 5,000 came from outside his district.

The reporting period before had him rake in 10,040. Of that over 8,000 came from out of the district including a 1000 bucks from school voucher king and Tampa resident John Kirtley. 

It was a little over 16,700 the reporting period before that, and almost 10 grand came from out of the district and most of what didn’t came from a few big businesses.

His first reporting period he brought in 24,000. Four thousand of it came from Gary Chartrand playing fast and lose with campaign finance laws. What he did may not be illegal but you can bet people like you and me couldn’t get away with it.  Oh and of that 24 grand, 17 grand came from out of the district and there were only 33 contributors. Not exactly a grass roots campaign.

This was my unofficial tally as I let any address that I didn’t recognize go, so the truth is it may actually be worse than above.

Chauncey may be the worst candidate I have seen in a decade. Two years of Teach for America experience and enough hubris to fill a swimming pool. If he wasn’t bought and paid for by Gary Chartrand and his friends and he had any sense of decency Chauncey would drop out and allow the more experienced and capable candidates have a battle of ideas.

District 6 you have had a real warrior in Couch, please don’t replace her with a guy who may have very rich friends but who has little else.

To check out Chauncey’s finances for yourself, click the link:

Darryl Willie scrubs Teach for America from his campaign site. Um why?

The obvious answer is he knows Teach for America is controversial and he knows many people are realizing the program offers the exact opposite of what are neediest kids need. The less obvious answer is he knows it does the exact opposite of what kids need and he wants to distance himself from it.

Just a reminder, Teach for America takes mostly non education majors, puts them through a six week teacher boot camp and then int our must challenged schools where they are supposed to serve two years, creating an ever revolving door. The program is also expensive as hell. Heck if I worked for them I wouldn’t want people to know either.

These campaign sites are supposed to put positive spins on things, but here he has no spin at all. He doesn’t mention TFA, he doesn’t mention where he works at all, calling it his current role, and if you are thinking about voting for him, you have t find this troubling.

I also think he vastly oversells what he actually does, but that’s what campaign web pages do.

Friends, when you pull back the fancy dance moves, you find Willie is a candidate with few ideas who is willing to mislead people and we can do better.

District 4 you have a bunch of good candidates, with relevant experience and track records and close ties to the community too, Willie is not one.

Check it out, it’s truly befuddling,