If a republican politician in Tallahassee is talking, they are probably lying, enough is enough

Via Facebook, by Julie Delagal 

In 2007, Charlie Crist’s education budget allotted $7,126 in per pupil dollars. According to the US Dept. of Labor’s CPI calculator, it would cost $8,377.89 to buy the same value in today’s dollars that $7,126 bought in 2007. 

The Space Coast Daily reports that the Governor signed a budget THIS YEAR, ten years later, with a per pupil figure of $7,296. 

When we plug that 2017 number into the calculator to see how it compares to the 2007 figure, we get $6,205.78. In actuality, the per pupil funding is going backwards for Florida’s schoolchildren, despite claims of “record funding” by lawmakers, who would misdirect our attention to the aggregate figure. We have more students, not more money

It is sad to say but if a republican politician in Tallahassee is speaking, there is a good chance he is lying. 

The anti-education politicians in Tallahassee often speak of blowing up the status quo, but the real status quo is how republicans have been completely in charge of our state government for nearly 20 years, COMPLETELY in charge. That is the status quo we must end.

Are there problems in education? Definitely but most in Florida have been caused by the republican party who chronically under funds education, is more concerned about rewarding their campaign donors, undermines local control, ignores poverty, blames and handicaps the teaching profession  and engages in crony-capitalism, isn’t enough enough?

Being on the school board has been very lucrative for Scott Shine

I looked at his ethics commission filing, ha ha hah ha, sorry, I found it funny I used the word ethics when writing a piece about Mr. Shine.

Follow the link and you can see the filings for yourself.

On 6/2015, he said his net worth was 2,152,791.

On 6/1/2016, it went to 2,327,727

Then this year it jumped all the way to, 2,690,731.

So after three years on the board and his net value has gone up over 25 percent.

I wonder how many other people working in the district can say that.

Also I want to remind you that this millionaire said the district, in the midst of a financial crisis, should pony up extra money to save , Gary Chartrand, his donor’s pet projects.

from the Times Union

Duval Board member Scott Shine said he believes the district should not endanger future private donations by failing to find a few hundred thousand more for QEA programs. “I think it’s important to maintain that relationship,” he said. “I’d like us to do what we can to fund the programs. …. We’re only a couple hundred thousand dollars away.”


Um Scott, after your recent windfalls, maybe you should pay the extra costs, you can apparently afford it.  

Scott Shine, Gary Chartrand and Jason Fischer all cut from the same dirty cloth.

A few weeks ago Gary Chartrand threatened to withhold promised money from the district if the board didn’t do what he wanted them to do.

From the Times Union;

The Quality Education for All Fund, or QEA for short, wrote letters to all seven Duval School Board members, threatening to cut ties with the district if it reneges on an “implicit understanding” that the district would continue supporting the programs.


An implicit understanding? Um what???

Then today Jason Fischer tried to bully and intimidate the board by demanding an audit and in doing so, he as much sited Gary Chartrand as a reason why.

Also from the Times Union:  Fischer said in his letter that Duval’s “questionable budgeting practices” have triggered a pushback from the philanthropic sector. Recently local philanthropists sent a letter pressuring the school board to spend more on some of the donors’ favored educational programs.


So where does Shine come in? Oh instead of supporting the district, he supported Chartrand and Fischer.


Board member Scott Shine said he agrees with Fischer that the district finance office “made a considerable mistake.” He added that a state audit could be part of an additional, “peer review” of district finances.

Duval Board member Scott Shine said he believes the district should not endanger future private donations by failing to find a few hundred thousand more for QEA programs. “I think it’s important to maintain that relationship,” he said. “I’d like us to do what we can to fund the programs. …. We’re only a couple hundred thousand dollars away.”

These three men represent all that is wrong with education and as you can see Chartrand and Fischer aren’t above using bullying, and intimidation to get what they want while Shine just shrugs his shoulders and goes along.

Scott Shine continuously goes against the district’s interests.

Jason Fischer tried to use the state to bully the district today by sending a letter to the state auditor requesting an audit, a notion the auditor rebuffed.

From the Times Union:

Mayfield said of Fischer’s letter that she is unlikely to recommend a special audit for now, not until the district completes its own forensic audit.

“We want the School Board to operate independently; we want them to take responsibility for their own district,” she said. “My view is, give them enough time to take care of their issues. It appears to me that they’re being proactive.”
Even though this is nothing but straight up bullying on the behalf of Fischer’s campaign donors, Scott Shine endorsed the idea.
Also from the Times Union:
Board member Scott Shine said he agrees with Fischer that the district finance office “made a considerable mistake.” He added that a state audit could be part of an additional, “peer review” of district finances.
The thing is Shine knows the district is preparing anther audit but instead of supporting the district, he sides with Fischer and his charter school friends, people looking to make a buck off our children who are attempting to bully and intimidate the board.
District two, get your head out of your @#$ and find somebody who cares about improving our schools and helping our children and get rid of this guy before he does anymore damage.

Jason Fischer shows his true colors (again), threatens the district.

I don’t use a lot of curse words in the blog. I also try not to call people names. I have to tell you it took all I had not to do both in this piece. 

Jason Fischer, oh heck let me just let his words do his talking for him, from the Times Union: 

Fischer wrote a letter to State Senator Debbie Mayfield, chairwoman of the Joint Legislative Auditing Committee, calling for an audit of Duval’s operations, in part because the board is considering suing the state.

“I’m deeply concerned that the school district is taking their (SIC) eye off the ball by considering frivolous lawsuits against the State rather than getting their financial house in order,” Fischer wrote.
Frivolous law suit? Hmm he doesn’t mention how many of his donors, charter school interests will directly benefit from HB 7069. Holy conflict of interest Batman, People who gave him thousands of dollars are about to reap millions in return and he has the nerve to threaten the district?
Oy vey!!!  
Oh and the board has already been audited three times this year but he wants to spend more money to do it again, talk about frivolous.
This guy was a pox on our schools when he was a SB member an he has taken his self promotion to new heights in the state house.
He doesn’t care about our schools or children, just carrying water for his donors and political bosses in the hopes of advancing his career.
He and that is despicable.

Becki Couch needs to be less cost advertent about joining a HB 7069 lawsuit (rough draft)

Let me start by saying I think Mrs. Couch in her second term has done an excellent job representing the schools, teachers and children of Jacksonville. She is prepared and passionate and a great advocate and if you thought you heard a “yeah but” coming there is.

Since last fall Mrs. Couch has been questioning our budgeting procedures and rightfully so as a recent Times Union report said we spent 21 million more last year than we budgeted for.


Then there is Gary Chartrand and the QEA blackmailing threatening to withhold five million dollars unless they get their way.


Worst of all however is House Bill 7069 which threatens to annually siphon away millions of dollars from the district and send quite a bit of it to for profit companies.

From the Times Union: Duval Schools will be forced to share about $16 million of its capital dollars with charter schools over the next five years under the guidelines of the newly signed education law, district officials said.


After all of above you are probably thinking she has every right to be cost advertent about spending money and joining or starting a lawsuit against HB 7069, and the reason is not because she disagrees with it, she was very outspoken against HB 7069 but her reservations come because she wants to know the costs. Here is the “yeah but” to heck with the costs.
The district stands to lose 16 million dollars over the next 5 years because of HB 7069. Shouldn’t we be more than willing to spend 20 or 25 thousand or a lot more in an effort not to lose that money? If we need to shouldn’t we go through the couch cushions, start a go-fund me page, do car washes and bake sales or whatever the beep it takes to stop the legislature from kneecapping public ed and robbing it of millions and millions of dollars?

I know Mrs. Couch is against HB 7069, I also believe she is for a lawsuit but she is concerned about the potential costs. The thing is, at this point in the game we can’t worry about how much it costs, even in these dire times, because if HB 7069 is fully realized, next year will be worse as will the year after that and so on. We have to draw a line in the sand, even if it costs money, our children and schools deserve it.

Mrs. Couch I get it, and I am both proud of you and appreciative, but here is the thing, you have fought so hard for so long it would be a shame to step back now. 

Who won’t Scott Shine throw under the bus?

At the school board meeting to discuss joining or initiating a lawsuit against the state of Florida for the disastrous, public school kneecapping, crony capitalism endorsing House Bill 7069, Mr. Shine said the members of the Jacksonville delegation were uninformed as to what was in the bill and that they were afraid of speaker of the house Richard Corcoran. He basically called the members of the Jacksonville delegation at best ignorant and gutless. he called one of these men, Aaron Beam a friend of his.


He basically through these men under the bus and it got me to thinking, who else has he thrown under the bus.

Immediately Ashley Smith-Juarez comes to mind. During her term as chair of the board Scott Shine went behind her, and the boards back several times last fall when he thought she was trying to force former superintendent Vitti, violating board procedures and norms when doing so..

Then there are his constituents. Shine supported the creation of a charter school run by the for profit entity CUSA in district 2, despite their track record in Duval which is mixed at best, the fact district 2 already has great schools and the new school will siphon resources away from them and the fact Vitti said he wouldn’t have allowed the school open up in a less affluent neighborhood, gosh I hope no poor kids go there. None of this made a difference to Shine.

Finally he attempted the throw the district’s teachers under the bus, or the majority of them anyways. Shine says he did a study which indicated union teachers of which 56% of the district’s teachers are did worse than non union teachers and it would be a “strategic advantage’ for them to be fired. You know because he believes union teachers suck and everything wrong in education is the fault of unions.

Full disclosure in case the lawsuit cowboy wants to send me a threatening email or have an attorney do so, that part in bold is just my opinion based on what I have seen and heard from him, as far as I can tell he has never used those exact words.

Teachers, his constituents, children, well poor children, his colleague and the Jacksonville delegation, of which he calls at least one member a friend have all been thrown under the metaphorical bus by Shine.

District 2 his term will be up before you know it and you have to do better.

The interesting things Scott Shine said today at the special board meeting.

I have to tell you this guy must be a hoot to be around, I mean if he is this informal at board meetings whats he like after a few drinks.

When talking about HB7069 he said,  “If I thought that litigation would work, I’d be on that like a bad rash,”.

Oh my, a bad rash!!! 

To give himself some bonafides, he referred to himself as the “lawsuit cowboy” and as somebody he has threatened to sue a couple times I can attest to that.

Who wants to bet he has other nicknames for himself as well?

Oh and as the meeting was wrapping up he also announced to all those in attendance, he had to pee, hey if you have to go you have to go, but now I wonder what he did when he disappeared for about 15 minutes.

Perhaps however the most inexplicable thing he said was that he unequivocally supports teachers and anybody who says other wise must be lying. I am not directly quoting him and am instead going on memory, when the audio becomes available I will try and remember to look it up, but that was the gist and if true a great sentiment to have.

The thing is he said this despite saying in the Beaches Leader, “the Strategic advantage of converting union-heavy public schools to non-union charters would be a direct connect to eliminating union member jobs…”


Now that is a direct quote, those are his words. Funny, they don’t sound to supportive of teachers to me.

Like I said, what a hoot. 

Yesterday was a very bad day for education in Florida.

First the State Supreme Court said district’s could fail children for not taking the Florida Standardized test. So much for parental choice right?

From the Orlando Sentinel:

The Florida Supreme Court has declined to take up a lawsuit brought by parents who told their children not to answer questions on the state third-grade reading test and then sued when the students were barred from fourth grade.

The top court’s decision leaves in place an earlier ruling by the 1st District Court of Appeal. Judges on that panel, overturning an earlier favorable ruling by a circuit judge, decided against the parents and ruled that the school districts, including those in Orange, Osceola and Seminole counties, had been improperly sued in Tallahassee.
The court case filed in August was an effort by Florida’s “opt-out” movement — a group opposed to high-stakes testing — to challenge state laws in place for more than a decade. Those laws say that testing is mandatory for public school students, and that students who fail Florida’s third-grade language arts exam can be kept from fourth grade.
So a student can get straight As, show mastery of the material and just because they and their family don’t want them to participate in a testing system gone amok, at least in third grade anyways they can be failed and forced to repeat the year. That is the up is down and black is white logic that permeates Florida.
If that wasn’t bad enough, the FLDOE published it’s rules on recess and I warn you get ready to SMH.
from the Palm Beach Post: 
Daily recess in Florida’s public elementary schools is now law. What will that look like when the first bell rings in August? It’s still unclear – but it doesn’t have to be outside, according to a one-page memo to superintendents that went out last week.
“This law does not specify the location where recess must be provided. The recess minutes could be provided indoors or outdoors,” the memo from the State Department of Education reads.
Now I get it, sometimes it may be raining and you don’t want schools to weasel out of having recess, that’s reasonable and even laudable, unfortunately we live in Florida and the laudable often turns out to be a disaster, charter schools and using the lotto money on education anyone?
I can just see to many schools and to may classrooms being forced to use this loophole to cut back on recess in exchange for more test prep which has been the problem for years now.
Why put a memo out at all? Does the FLDOE think teachers wouldn’t have been able to figure it out when it was raining? Or did they do so winking at those superintendents who fought against recess, to give them an out, my bet it is the latter. Also just a reminder, charters are exempt from the recess rules, what a selling point, come to our charters we are exempt from letting kids be kids.

To read more, click the link:
Yesterday was another dark day for education, sadly I haven’t seen a bright one  in a while.